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Please help, I'm scared and can't sleep.



New member
Apr 11, 2021
I'm living with my parents and I have a massive phobia of the dark. I've tried telling my parents but they have laughed at me and called me a baby. My mum said things like "Why are you scared of the dark? There's nothing in it." and "nothing can hurt you. You can't see so why are you scared?". But I'm not scared of it because I can't see or don't know what's in it. It's because my mind starts playing tricks on me. I don't want to tell my parents because they will think I'm crazy, but part of my mind knows there is nothing in the dark and the other part of my mind keeps making me think someone is in the dark and they are going to hurt me. it goes on and off. for a few minutes, I'm really scared because I think something is going to happen to me but then for only a few seconds I'm alright because I know nothing's there. It always happens when I'm lying in bed trying to get to sleep so its hard for me to get to sleep.
Then there's the problem of me not being able to imagine things properly or not being able to imagine things without them turning scary. When I try and imagine something, either its really blurry so I can't see it properly or it turns into a monster. I know it sounds really babyish but in my head it is really REALLY scary. one time, I was trying to imagine my favourite band performing on stage but it turned to these black spirit type things flying around and the group turning into serial killers and murdering everyone round them. I know that might seem very babyish, but it was very scary.
There's been a few night where I haven't been able to sleep because of these things. Please help or at least tell me a way I can get the confidence to tell my parents.


Well-known member
Feb 21, 2021
Sounds very scary,no wonder you can’t sleep. Eventually you should talk to someone,maybe a therapist. I pray you sleep well tonight.


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2021
Southern USA
Welcome, we are glad you are here.
That sounds horrid.
Perhaps a tv in your room? Music?
Have you been safe in your room previously?
Someone will come alone with better advice, I'm sure. ✌


Well-known member
Aug 27, 2019
Battery powered LED lights are pretty cheap. Can't you get one and put it in your room so there will be some light?


Well-known member
Mar 29, 2021
If thats the case, sleep with a dim light on. Your problem is real and your parents should be more understanding.

Therapy will help too.


Well-known member
Apr 14, 2015
What caused your fear of the dark?
Your not babyish!
Everyone has a fear of something,
You are not the only one who has a fear.
The above comments should help.
Hope everything goes well!
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