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Please Help i dont know whats wroung



New member
Mar 19, 2010
Hi all

Let me start of and introduce myself my names cameron im 20 years old and im really scared

Ok here goes it all happend 3 weeks ago. I was at work stressed about money all the time !!! when suddenly bammm hit by paulpations tried to get rid of them by drinkin water but nothing seemed to work. As i work in a hospital i rigged myself up to the ecg machine heart rate was 150 and climbing. In all truth i felt like i was dieing things goin round in my mind weather im goin to see my son grow up all sorts. Anyways got rushed to a different hospital for treatment by this time my heart rate was 230-240 giving the drug adensien heartrate fell down to normal rate discharged same night reasured by two senior doctors that theres nothing wrong with my heart. Ever since it has happend i feel like its goin to happen when im out and about and cant get any help. Im always worried about stuff just yesterday had the same episode but manged to control it on my own and get HR right down whats the matter with me !!!. To cut long story short i used to take propanolol about 4months ago for anxiety they seemed to work but stoped them as i moved and cound travel back and forth. Has the anxiety come back twice as hard or am i just starting to grieve about the loss of my mother who passed away when i was 9. I feel like im alone im scared, its putting a strain on my lovelife even talking bout anxiety makes me feel wierd please somebody help :(:(:(


Hello & welcome to the site.

It is hard to try & cope with such things. I do think it important to remember & to bear in mind that such states pass.

Mediation & mindfulness can be very helpful, I think.

I don't think that there is any one single solution or explanation.

My own personal take on it all; is that we are all complex, expansive & multi faceted beings; & that there are physical, as well as psychological & spiritual aspects to these things.

I don't have the answers either - & I don't think that anyone does. Certain things are a mystery; & at best we get different angles, perspectives, interpretations & meanings; depending on whom we chat with.

What has been working for me recently; has been to plod on through the motions of living my life as best that I can moment by moment, & a day at a time. & focusing on the things that I enjoy doing. I do find holistic therapies help. I've been seeing a masseur recently; & finding that helpful.

Maybe some of that can be of some help; I hope that it can.