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Please help get my mum home.



New member
Nov 22, 2016
This is a strange situation, my Mother has suffered two breakdowns in the last four years, both in correspondence to her grandparents dying and one minor one due to a suicide attempt on my behalf when I was younger. She started saying she was hearing the divine speaking to her, like my grandparents were speaking to her from beyond the grave. It was small things like that, but then things started to change in the house, she left her job to wander after spiritual journeys, started acting like I was some prophecy child. I sat back and stood back then, thinking it was getting too deep. Then I developed manic depression, she wouldn't allow me to go to the doctors, the voices and Internet told her medicine would brainwash me. Hence two years of me suffering untreated severe hormone related depression began.

The voices told her to go on journies and fix things, I started to barely see her and she would come home late. Four months ago I found out she was having an affair as the voices in her head told her the other man was a twin soul of hers, and that they both had to heal and save the world. This corresponded to her complete apathy towards another attempt of mine when she told me the news the day I was put on antidepressants.

She's now in Portugal refusing to come home or apparently the world will end if she does. Me and my brother have depression due to losing our mum, a woman before this who was a loving and perfect mother. I know she is mentally sick, my mum would never do this to me. She keeps saying the voices tell her she is doing the right thing and has even ignored the begging of her best friends. I'm scared for her life and she won't come home. I want to know how I can get her home and get her help, she will refuse it otherwise. Please, give me advise on what to do with this.

I'm British, my mum is currently hiding somewhere in Portugal.

Thank you.


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
hello Livvi

maybe social services might be able to help, its tricky because if your mother doesnt want to be found then that is very hard.

i think if you are under 18 that might make the social workers take a more active approach otherwise i really dont know.

how are you managing at the mo? can you take care of yourself?

take care
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