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Please Console Me! :(



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Apr 18, 2008
I've been so depressed lately. For the past several years my social phobia & "selective" agoraphobia has been messing with my education. I have not told anyone especially my teachers about it in fear that they will just not understand. I have skipped a lot of classes because of this phobia and I feel that my teachers will say "ahh...how fitting, telling us you've got a phobia is the perfect excuse for not attending classes is it?"

Last week, after a class ended (it took a lot of strength for me to attend it) I came across a teacher whose classes I missed and he said "ahh there you are. You're the student who doesn't give a crap about your classes"

I didn't know what to say and when I was about to try and explain my situation, he walked away.

This is just so frustrating and I don't know what to do. Anyone's been a similar situation?


Apr 2, 2009
London. UK
Hi Dollylama

I know how depression and anxiety can affect concentration, so I would'nt pay too much attention to what that teacher said. I also know how much easier it is to avoid difficult situations and you should give yourself a pat on the back every time you manage to make it through a class in spite of your social anxiety and agoraphobia.

Does your place of learning have any form of counselling service? Maybe you could find someone who wouldn't judge you as this teacher has done, without taking the trouble or having the compassion to find out why you are skipping some classes.

That's all I can do right now. Hope it helps. Free Tibet!:)


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May 23, 2009
Hi Dollylama,
I just wanted to say I totally know how hard it can be to deal with (supposedly) simple situations that other people seem to manage effotlessly, and how useless it can make you feel when you can't handle them. But it doesn't mean you're useless, it just means you're ill. Please try to find out about a counselling service at your school/college. Or at the very least, try to explain to a teacher who you feel you can trust what's going on. I'm sure they will understand and it could make it a lot easier for you. But don't give up, things can get easier. Truly.
I'm not sure if this helps. but I hope so.


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May 25, 2009

I struggled with attending uni with my anxiety, and I was constantly panicking that I was going to fail and that the teachers must think I'm a rubbish student or that I didn't care which only made things worse. I went to see the programme administrator that deals with running of the course and any problems that affect your studies and explained everything to her. It was awful and I started panicking and couldn't breathe, but she understood and it was so worth that one meeting because despite how awful and embarrassing it was, she made allowances for me for the rest of my degree. I also attended student counselling, and they would write me a note if I wasn't able to do an assignment or something, and helped me to learn how to deal with my anxiety at uni. They also considered my problems when determining exam results.

I know it must have been horrible after that teacher said that to you, but just remember how brave you are because it's like climbing a mountain for every lesson you go to. If anything, you care more about your lessons than he could ever know, because of how hard it is to go to the ones that you do go. If there is a support system in place at your place of education, it's really worth using. I know I couldn't have got through my degree without the help I got.

Good luck :)


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Jun 23, 2009
Hi dollylama
I had the exact same thing at school and ended up leaving at 15 because of it. The problem was that I didn't know I was having panic attacks because i'd never heard about them before so when I tried telling my parents what was wrong with me they thought I was lying. I got caught skipping classes because I was so scared. I know exactly how you feel and how lonely it can be when you are the only person suffering. You should tell your parents and teachers about it, and maybe if you have a school psychologist try talking to them. There is always help for people and if you ever need to talk about it you can PM me :)


Sep 25, 2009

I am sorry for your pain your are currently going through. Phobia's are not easily handled. Just keep giving the effort to overcome them, and give youself some slack for what you are currently going through. I personally would have told the teacher to go stick it , but its not worth it, its not your problem the teacher is a prick.
Teacher's are suppose to have care and support for there students , if they don't, that's there problem not yours.
Just keep attending as much as you can and give it your all ..
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