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please can someone help i don't know where to turn...



I don't know if anyone will be able to help or even want to reply.... i put a thread a few weeks ago regarding my daughters mental health and the fact she was under c.a.h.m.s but it was a battle to get anything done and she also had a eating problem... well as we speak my little girl (shes 10) is in hospital with my hubby shes stopped eating shes hardly drinking and shes weighing in at just under 2 stone.. my problem is they don't seem to want to do anything cos shes under cahms and cahms don't want to do anything cos shes not 12 she doesn't come under the mental health im at my wits end sorry this is hard to say but im watching my little girl slowly die and i can't stop it cos no one wants to help shes staying in hospital over night for observation shes hardly drank, not ate shes had some bloods done but they can't do much more as they are going to get the consultant to come and see her in the morning but then they will review and send back to camhs... what the hell am i supposed to do.. im really struggling and its taking a toll on my own mental health but i want my little girl to be healthy..

sorry..... xx


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Aug 7, 2009

am afraid this isn't something I have experienced or truly understand. Just wanted to say I hope someone at the hospital can help you and your little girl, and that someone else here can offer some good advice.

Take care, Bluebell


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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
sorry to hear your sad story. heartbreaking. what does the cahms stand for. just the mental health team?

surely they must be able to do something. im sorry i dont know anything about anorexia.

there is a board on here eating disorders that you mite have more luck with

i hope things start looking up for your family lots of love and best wishes for her.:hug:


Hello, I'm so dreadfully sad that you are getting pushed from pillar to post with services. It is awful and should not be happening.
You must not give up no matter how hard it is on getting services in, even if you feel the biggest pian in the arse with them.
Plase have a read up on 'every child matters' which is a white paper brought out after Victoria Climbie died. This legislation demands local authorities and health authorities to work together to safeguard children.
Every local authoriy in the country is different, but I would suggest speaking with your local assessment team in childrens services (ring the local council for the number) and explain to them that you are being passed between CAMHS and health services. They may demand the hospital to do what is called a CAF (common assessment framework) and you will get a named worker/co-ordinator.
Also, parent partnership is common in most areas, again ask for the number through the council.
Please let me know if you have any luck, and I will research legislation too in the meantime.
Your daughter is the most important thing. I've fought for my daughter for years and know how frustrating services can be. I've also been a children's social worker and know from the other side what needs to be done!
Best of luck, thinking of you, SG