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please advice me.. manic depression?...


gina kate

Dear All,

I am having an urgent appointment tomorrow to c a physchiatrist.. i have had a breakdown 5 years ago... and have been on meds to control my ongoing depression.
My symptoms for beliving i am manic/ bipolar are as follows...
I have states where i am so happy...excited...feel full of bubbles that are racing round my body, feel that i could run the world on my own. Then i have feelings of sadness, guilt and that im worthless, but these moods are altering very quickly and i feel sick because i cant control them. One minute im up the top of a rollacoaster and the next ive crashed at the bottom.
Im showing huge symptoms of ocd, i have a supply of cleaning products that could be sufficent to open a store... my moods are soo high when im purchasing these products and my friends and partner laugh... this makes me feel angry and upset as its what makes me really happy and if i want to buy them i will.
These are just a few of the things that i am having to deal with at the moment...
Can anyone shed some light on this please? x

Lady Summer Isles

Well-known member
Nov 13, 2009
Sorry i can't help. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone with buying the cleaning products. I'm just the same and have far too many. Wish I could just do the cleaning ;). I get a real high from buying them. A little while ago i went though a phase of having to buy lots of baked beans and keep the empty tins but that has passed now. The cleaning products have been a long term thing.

Take care
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