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Plans to Escape Apathy



New member
Apr 23, 2016
I trust this is the right forum, but here goes.

In any case, hello; I'm dealing with apathy, and I was looking for moral support, going forward; my motivation is to seek control, and I was hoping you'd assist with that.

I just don't know where to go with that, other than to confront my family, so I'm seeking counselors and others that will help me do so, and beyond that, I don't know, but there I'm starting. I want them to respect me, even if they don't; if not, I just intend on moving on, setting boundaries, etc., but the fact is, my desires aren't clear; I've worked towards art and getting a job, but they have proven weak motivators; I may want them, but not enough to get up early, or turn things around.

On the other hand, paicking fights seem to work, so I focused on building on that.


Specifically, I'm trying to plan for confronting my family, and am looking for help doing that; I basically want them acknowledge they were wrong, and I was right; maybe too much to ask for, but if it can restore my sense of honor and self-respect, then it'll be worth it.

Goal: Validation of my contempt for my mother and brother, worst come to worst.
Strategy: Confront till they engage.
Tactics: Employ third-parties to re-frame questions which they are confronted with.

Basically, I'm seeking help getting recognized for my valid points; I'm tired of being passive in all my family settings.

Makes me a mite more confident, thinking about this.


Active member
Apr 3, 2016
Hello there !

Have you ever been clinically depressed or are you under some medication treatment ? Have you abused drugs (marijuana counts as a drug) and alcohol ? Have you been like this ever since you remember ?

I think if you fill us in on these, we'd be able to offer you more help :)

And yes apathy sucks, and no words I use here would be as strong as it is, been there but every tunnel leads to an opening. Long or short, there is always an opening so come back with the replies I ask for and we will take it from there :)