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Plans for a Cut



Who is the UK's £100bn benefits bill spent on?

Reading between the lines of this article - no mention of anything directly but like the Nazis in economic hard-times a clear discrimination agains the rising cost of mental ill-health (this despite a static population and costs) the cost to the tax-payer goes down with a twenty year loss in life expectancy - no mention of that though...


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
"The government recently changed the way it assessed people's health and, as a result, had expected to be making fewer payments.
It was very wrong. The numbers on these benefits have continued to grow. Spending has risen - dramatically in the case of disability benefits."

I wonder why that is?
Could it be that the whole 'scrounger' rhetoric and the cruel assessments are making some people's stress levels and therefore health worse?!


Demographics in part. The boomer generation are ageing. Numbers will go down in a few years as the 'pill co-hort' comes onstream. But never let a few facts get in the way of saving a few bob on the backs of the downtrodden by Her Majesties Government?