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PIP tribunal ADJOURNED ?!



Feb 2, 2017
An update to my previous post, of a traumatic PIP tribunal that I felt went badly, I received the decision in the post today and they have decided to adjourn! I am at breaking point, i really can't take much more of this, what are they playing at?! I have been getting DLA for most of my life and have a diagnosis of schizophrenia since around 2004. I recently had to switch to PIP and suddenly for the first time ever have encountered problems. I was awarded 0 points for everything in my assessment. They have written this:

"There was a number of inconsistencies in the appellant's evidence in particular in relation to why the appellant does not take medication and her ability to concentrate whilst driving but not able to concentrate on preparing a simple meal for one person. The appellant states that she does not take medication because she does not wish to take medication due to the side effects of it, however, we note in the letter dated 6/10/2017 that no medication was recommended. The appellant states that she is able to concentrate for 30 minutes whilst driving but asserts that she is not able to concentrate on cooking. The tribunal would be assisted with medical records from the appellant's GP and consultant psychiatrist/mental health specialist."

The driving thing is probably because I have to have regular assessments with a GP ordered by the DVLA to make sure I am safe to drive. For me driving is one of the few activities which is able to completely immerse me, along with playing the piano I have never suffered hallucinations whilst doing it. And my GP is quite happy for me to be medication free since I don't cope any better with it than without it. How can these things be so hard for them to understand?! I am really in pieces and I don't know what to do. I have made an appointment with my GP next week.
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

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Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
im so sorry this is happening to you x you must be distraught
i don't understand why they need to adjourn and draw out the misery for you

you can get through this i promise ,you need to stay strong and be brave and we will support you all we can
lots and lots of love Lu x


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Jan 7, 2008
having had mentally illl neighbours refusing meds and creating havoc i can understand a drive to encourage those with schitzoprenia to take meds, but it seems a shame for those who aren't creating problems

my friend with schitzoprenia they said how can you be schitzoprenic if your not on drugs for it, she said you tell me, case refused