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Picking Up The Thread - something my voices say they do



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Dec 20, 2016
Do your voices do shifts, or change in number and personality? And do they ever make remarks or statements that cause you to conclude they come and go? This fact normally leads to an hypothesis that they are real people, that I believe is correct. If you do in fact decide that they are people, who relentlessly and sadistically commit hate crimes against you, then the following statement that I picked up from my voices, might be helpful to you in trying to combat them. The voices are people who “circulate” between schizophrenics ‘working’ in shifts.

This fact (in addition to quite a few other facts I have discerned from 1st hand experience) causes me to reject the variety of the most popular psychiatric explanations of causality, leaving only 1 feature that contradicts the fit of the “people” hypothesis. I often hear my voices (who do work in shifts – 4 hours each shift, 6 voices at a time) refer to “picking up the thread”. This “picking up the thread” is what they use to describe their ability do a ‘hand-over’, where they pick up the current story from the previous shifts of people (perpetrators) immediately after they have left.

The most robust and best fitting hypothesis that accounts for the very common traits and communicative styles of my voices (hatred, hostility, bullying, malevolence, ongoing criticism, insults) (Auditory Verbal Hallucinations – AVH) is surprising, and not semantic. I don’t think I will get much support or popularity as a result of believing this, but I feel an obligation to the truth, for the peace and safety of especially young or vulnerable people who live with the experience of hearing voices (usually under a diagnosis of schizophrenia).

I can achieve increasingly long periods of peace from my voices now, based on the following hypothesis. It has taken 30 years, a couple of suicide attempts, and extensive amounts of reading the forums and the research, to arrive at this explanation to account for the voices. The most effective coping tool/strategy I created is “1st Person Transcripts” that are quote unquote written records of the exact things my voices say to me, and exact records of my replies. I have attached an example of one to the bottom of this post. They are de-identified in accord with best clinical practice. They can be made easily by just downloading a voice recording app for your phone, and whilst recording, say what the voices said out loud, along with your reply. My Google phone not only records the audio and transcribes it as it is recorded.

I suspect that the Humans are responsible for AVH, and all have a particular variant of syphilis (read about syphilis and see if it doesn't fit exactly the nature, character, and disposition of the voices). The syphilis infection causes oxidation of the oxytocin (in addition to excessive cortisol, and Gamma-aminobutyric acid, that in turn alters the proportions and operations of other neurotransmitters). The oxidation of the oxytocin leads results in the creation of isomers of this neurotransmitter, leading to differing action potentials. When considered at a quantum level, these isomers exhibit the propagation of 'thought-waves', due to wave-particle duality.


26th February 2015, 1851

N: does anyone care about you?

S: fuck off

N: I don't see why you are so picked on.

S: ........

N: why are you so picked on Scotty?

S: ........

N: what did you hear?

S: .......

PB: it's over. DO you know what just happened?

S: how the fuck would I know?

PB: does not like you at all!

J: why is it like this?

S: this is schizophrenia where the subject of the communication is unable to leave the conversation, so talk (monologue or pseudo dialogue) becomes a catastrophic set of symptoms.

N: what does Julia think? Does she care?

S: Yes she knows it is against the law to force people to commit suicide so she makes sure I can not find out what is going on, who is involved or where they are.

N: can they read that (this)?

S: of course not

N: we can read it scott.

S: impossible for you to know that, unless you come to my place and read it.

R: it's over

S: what's over. Have you just declared my life over?

SO: song: "I don't know how to love him...."

G: how many times a day did / do you hear that?

S: up to 12 000 per day

G: what's that like

S: causes you to attempt suicide

G: why won't anyone do anything about it?

S: they are probably scared

G: do you think I am

S: you will be when they threaten you

?: she just won (as someone sings three blind mice in the background)

S: who just won? How did they win?

?: she just won

S: who just won? How did they win?


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Jun 15, 2021
Why have you ruled out psychosis just curious to what you deduced as real humans

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