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Physical symptoms - No triggers and not feeling anxious



New member
Aug 1, 2020
I get physical symptoms with no known triggers. Been happening for last couple of years. Mostly chest pains and light headedness and occasionally other things like nausea, leg/calf pains and headaches

Was diagnosed several years ago with acid reflux but that seemed to get better and if I take the tablets or other ones like gaviscon or Rennie it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Don't think it's my heart as the pain can be in several parts of my chest, mostly left but sometimes right and upper chest towards collar bone and neck.

Lightheadedness is difficult to describe, feels abit like you are drunk but I dont get the room spinning or anything like that.

Can be sat down relaxing, lying down or going for a walk when they come on for no known reason.

It's really frustrating. I Feel hopeless as life seems to be on hold, affects me day to day.
Started to feel down as well. Had citalopram last year but didn't make much difference

Lost about a stone since lockdown and even stopped caffeine which I didn't realise can affect anxiety. Unfortunately on both counts hasn't made a difference

Been to GP several times, had several blood tests and ECG but they didn't find anything apart from low vitamin D. Also blood pressure seems normal.

They just say it's anxiety as they can't find anything else. Seems like an easy option for GPs. I think it's partly anxiety and something else, but that's the frustrating part not knowing what else

Even things which would normally make you anxious don't bring on my symptoms which don't help me find a solution

Recently did an online anxiety course which seemed to help abit with anxiety but I still get the physical symptoms

Enough of my waffle. Hopefully people here have similar issues and together we can find a solution.


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Apr 10, 2020
Balga. Perth
I had a few of these today but could also be due to fact I have insomnia too so didn't sleep till 2am this morning. Am exhausted but finally had energy to go out to shops to pick up couple of things, felt like my chest got too tight randomly and that I wasn't getting enough air. I'm claustrophobic but shops weren't too crowded with people, was enough space for me to move freely but started also feeling light headed, legs were weak, zoned out a bit, looked like shit, too busy in my head etc - my mind going 100 miles an hour wondering if I'll run into anyone I know.

Was lucky I had my headphones on me so was able to listen to music thru my phone and block everything out. That seemed to calm me down a bit, decreased my heart rate n felt like I could breathe again properly.... not sure how else to try easing the anxiety especially when it comes outta the blue like that, scared me as I dont know what triggered it :(