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Physical Symptoms/Anxiety ruining my life



New member
Apr 12, 2021
Hello anyone reading this. I am posting this in regard to what I have been dealing with for 10 months. I have been experiencing severe shortness of breath everyday following an anxiety attack in the middle of the night. I feel this way every second of the day and I don’t know why this is happening to me. At this point I know I don’t deserve to be going through this and I definitely don’t deserve to be so alone. I’ve tried to change my life situation too but nothing is helping as I’m too exhausted and the physical symptoms are so prominent. Not getting any sleep, can’t eat. I can’t escape this feeling. It seems that I can’t get better without medication, but even then I don’t see how I can get rid of this horrible feeling. Is this just my anxiety making me think this way? Is anyone experiencing this and how are you managing it?


Well-known member
Feb 21, 2021
That is what severe anxiety does to me. I finally have the right meds to keep it down. The meds don’t always work some things will trigger the full blown,constant anxiety like you described. You may want to talk to your dr., if your meds are not helping. You definitely don’t deserve to feel that badly and I hope you get the help you need.


Well-known member
Mar 29, 2021
Please try jogging or fast walking, or any natural activity that makes you short of breath. Your brain will get used to the fact that being short of breath is OK. It may take a while to be your old self again but this should work. You need to do every day.


Sep 4, 2019
The Netherlands
I also get a lot of physical symptoms from anxiety and even if they are not life-threatening as they may seem they are impossible to handle... Especially if they happen often...

You are right to say that you don't deserve this because nobody deserves such intense suffering.

I still did not find an effective way to manage them, but when they happen I always try to think that they can't kill me and that they will stop soon... It helps me a bit but everyone needs to find his/her own way
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