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Physical sensations with manic-psychotic episode



Nov 20, 2019
Hi all
Have any of you experienced any physical sensations when manic?
I had a weird pushing sensation in my lower back/ pelvis and I thought I was able to have long distance tantric/psychic sex with people... Mostly with my then (also manic psychotic I now realise) 'bf' I met on FB.
One time I even thought Robert Downey Jr was visiting me hahaha.

The physical sensation was so strong it would have my pelvis rocking and it would happen randomly. Very bizarre.

Any of you have any physical things? Not necessarily like this..


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May 6, 2017
I've had a lot of physical things, mostly pain throughout my entire body but I have experienced what you've talked about with the tantric/psychic sex guided by the voice I hear who was pretending at the time to be people I was telepathically talking to.

I believe I figured out my voice and he wasn't people out in the real world but an inner part of me and a part that was connected to my central nervous system so he could cause me pain and pleasure at will (more pain than pleasure because he's a psychopath). Thankfully his physiology depends on how much Dopamine has been absorbed by my nervous system so the medication I take to decrease Dopamine activity also decreases the amount of pain or pleasure he can cause me, the pain went down in increments as my dosage went up so I believe there's a direct correlation.

Later on after a great deal of studying my voice and reading books I now believe we are all two people, my belief is that each hemisphere of the brain has a unique and independent mind within them, I'm the left dominant hemisphere and my voice (kind of like my twin brother) occupies the right hemisphere and his half of the brain is connected to the central nervous system in a way our minds aren't and several other systems that I won't go into right now, they also have the ability to control what we think by giving us ideas, thoughts and impulses to do various things and bad voices take advantage of this and cause us to have what the world of psychology calls psychosis.
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