Physical Anxiety Symptoms - what do you experience?



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Apr 8, 2014
It happens for no known reason. I just feel the symptoms all the time especially when out and about. It's like the whole world overwhelms me, with the fast pace of things and I can't manage all the variables.

- Eyes feeling 'heavy' (Mostly happens when forcing myself to make eye contact as it's never natural for me. Kind of a burning around just under my eyes. There's uncontrollable urge to break the eye contact).

- Brain fog. Possibly one of the worst symptoms. I struggle to process things instantly which is essential during conversations. The best way I can describe it is it's like I haven't heard what someone said, when actually I did hear but I can't process it to respond to them. I have many pre-rehearsed lines that are hardwired into my head, but if it falls outside those lines, all I can do is laugh nervously or just agree with them.

- Fast movements. This always happens. Speaking fast, sharp, jumpy movements, unable to just stay still. Unfortunately a lot of times this has been wrongly mistaken by people as me being on drugs.

- Hand tremors. This is a PITA. I can often hide it by having my hands in my pockets. If I have to pick up a drink in a cup though, it's often tipped all over the floor.

- Sweating

- Cramps in legs. It feels like I've just run a mile when I've only done a 10 minute walk down the road.

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