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Jul 17, 2020
united kingdom
Hi, im John, and I have a phobia that I cant find the real name for....closest I can see is megalophobia .
I am an amateur astronomer and am fascinated and absolutely love all things about the universe but struggle with …..vast -ness, large-ness, overwhelming monolithic feelings that go with it.
I am fine thru a telescope and watching footage/movies/reading etc
but I spent a lot of money on a high end computer set up with Virtual reality and I cant use it for what I wanted it for. Literally , I cant go exploring the universe on the VR as I just freeze and panic.
admittedly its very realistic but I know full well I am sitting in a room in a chair in the safety of my own home but I would like to know if there are any methods to overcome this?
ive been in many dangerous places in my life and done some incredible and dangerous things and this may seem petty to some but id really like to improve this fear.
I am both fascinated and frightened of the things that make me panic
Radio telescopes (if they are big) curvature of the earth from a high place,
wind turbines, underwater if its deep and open etc etc.
Any help or ideas would be massively appreciated.

I also have another strong phobia but it doesn't really interfere with daily life and that is a sickening fear of innocent people hurting themselves ( like candid camera / accidents / kids falling over / I just keep away from the tv when you've been framed is on.


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Nov 10, 2019
You have reminded me of jeremy kyle, did you ever watch that. It made me feel very sorry for the guests on there, that they were so vulnerable and didn't know they were about to be humiliated.

I don't understand your phobia, it all seems so fascinating to me, and a good feeling to realise i am just a small part of a huge universe. I am sure other members who have phobias will be along to chat with you soon.

Is it something you feel is bad enough to seek help for?


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Apr 1, 2020
United States
Hi Johnnykikakat! (oh kick a cat -- I thought you were going for a spin on kitkat!😅 )


I wonder if you might have something like astrophobia or possibly apeirophobia? I can understand where you're coming from. I struggle with OCD and there was a time where thinking about eternity really left me fuzzy. No one can picture an indefinite future. There's no limits. It's not straightforward or concrete. That, for me, is what makes it overwhelming, and even a little sickening to picture.

I have a feeling that's along the lines of what you're experiencing. Because it's not something that has a start and an end, the brain has difficulty comprehending it. For instance, imagine a piece of paper. You're likely thinking of an object that is white and has four sides. It's perfectly in your brain and you don't have to overthink it. Now when you think about the universe, your mind doesn't know where to go. Too much to think about, because it doesn't have an end.

To help with this, I think it's best to allow yourself to be scared of the universe. It's big, it's terrifying, it's overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. If you can remove the negativity attached to your idea of vastness, it won't seem so overpowering. A vast, wide world that goes on forever is scary when there's no succinct image to express it. But it can also be a beautiful, free, open universe that is an uncharted wonder.

You can move past your fear of the bigness of the world by accepting your fear of it and letting it in so you have a greater understanding of yourself. It will take time, but it will help you to embrace what you love without fear holding you back.

I wish you all the best, Johnnykikakat! 😹 Good luck and stay safe!
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