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Phobia or OCD?



New member
Apr 22, 2019
Good morning, I'm new to the forum and seeking others that may be similar to myself.
I'm currently having my third lot of CBT and have always been treated for my phobia (my phobia is a sickness phobia - others being sick. I'm not bothered about myself being sick).
In this current therapy the therapist has explained that he doesn't feel I have a phobia as I'm not scared of the vomit it's the person that I avoid at all costs if they are or say they feel ill. I can clean the vomit....in fact I prefer to clean it as I know the area's been disinfected and cleaned properly. The therapist believes it's OCD that I have. I scored 74 on the original OCI but since it has decreased quite a bit and my "homework" of stopping/reducing certain behaviours hasn't been too difficult to do.
I'm not sure if it's phobia or not....does anyone else have this fear?
Thank you


May 28, 2019
Houston, TX
People with OCD become trapped, often for many years, in repetitive thoughts and behaviors, which they recognize as groundless but cannot stop