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Phobia.. of stupid things. Anxiety driven?



New member
Feb 15, 2021
United Kingdom
I recently moved in with my boyfriend, and naturally, we bought appliances such as washing machine etc.

hear me out.. I’m scared of my washing machine. it sounds so stupid but I feel it’s anxiety led.

I have terrible anxiety, and it seems to have attached itself to the washing machine. I can’t wash clothes without my boyfriend being in the house. On the last spin cycle, I nearly have an anxiety attack and run upstairs, or I have to get a shower to drown out the noise because of how loud it can be. It’s not even loud to my boyfriend, but I’m scared of the machine going out of control, and I can’t control it.

It sounds so stupid - hilarious in fact - but I feel like it’s routed deep into my anxiety and mental health - struggling to control my life, not having full control over something.

My boyfriend thinks I’m being stupid and paranoid. Which - is probably the case to most people reading this, but to me - I can’t describe the anxiety I feel when using my washing machine.


Well-known member
Nov 12, 2020
A phobia normally is irrational. I had a phobia of praying mantises up until a few years ago.

I suggest gentle exposure therapy. Drown out most of the noise, then as you get more comfortable/familiar with it, drown less of it out. Then you can work up the courage to get closer to it as it works. When it is off, look at it from afar, get closer to it until you can touch it. Each new step, rate your anxiety. It might takes several months or years but it's effective. Also, that bf needs to be supportive even if he thinks you are being paranoid.

Don't beat yourself up over a phobia. It's how your brain protects itself and sometimes the brain makes an oops.

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