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personality disorders and bipolar disorders



hi again can anyone on here tell me what payment they get off the dwp a week with haveing bipolar disorder and personality disorders i mean for a couple liveing together and also one is a carer ????? ok thanks>>>>help me out on this one anybody


Nov 7, 2009

Hi Ziggy,

I have found that DWP benefits are not based on your condition but rather what you write on the application form. For example, someone who lost their feet in an accident struggled with prosthetics and used their determination to learn to walk again. They were proud to walk 500 meters. Another person with Haemorrhoids could't walk 10 yards without their world falling out of their bottom.

Under some DWP rules he person with piles got a motability car while the person with no feet had to walk.:confused:

I would recommend an agency like Citizens Advice or Welfare rights who will help fill the form out for maximum benefit.;)

Your local council may even have a benefit maximisation team for this exact pupose. Mine has.:innocent:

Hope this helps


What would you rather B or a wasp?


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May 25, 2009
hi again can anyone on here tell me what payment they get off the dwp a week with haveing bipolar disorder and personality disorders i mean for a couple liveing together and also one is a carer ????? ok thanks>>>>help me out on this one anybody
Hi Ziggy this is an impossible question to answer as each case is decided on it's own individual merits. It may be worth you making an appointment with your local Mind office or CAB for a benefits healtcheck.
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