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personality disorder ?



New member
Jul 22, 2009
when i was 14 my psychiatrist told me its likely i have a personality disorder. shortly after that i stopped seeing him so i never got answers.
im 20 now and i think i have Borderline Personality Disorder. My current GP thinks i have depression but i think its more than that.
some days im absolutely fine, im happy and optimistic. today i started off fine. then i had an arguement with my brother and since then i havnt stopped crying, im drinking and taking pills, ive cut myself, and i just want to die. i wont leave my room because i dont want to be around anybody.
at the moment i feel very very depressed. but not everyday is like this, so i dont think i am actually depressed.

does anybody have any answers? do you think it does sound like depression, or something more?
This has been happening since i was 13.


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Founding Member
Jul 21, 2008
Hi, and welcome to the forum. :)
No one here can diagnose you. For that you would definately need to see your GP or get a referal to a trained diagnostian.
I hope you can get the help you need. Keep posting! We've all been through a lot and can share our experiences and opinions with you.
Take care :flowers:


It is a maybe a good idea to address the alcohol & drug misuse issues before angling for concrete diagnoses.

Addiction issues are often covered by all kinds of diagnostic labels. Not to say that you don't have other underlying conditions, I can't say. Just that things may be a lot clearer if you deal with substance misuse first.
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Jul 23, 2009
south london,england
Yeah just as other posters have said, basically the GP cant diagnoise this and it must be done by a pschiatrist.

Yes, if you use booze- you need to be free from all this first, cause they can exassibate? conditions and make things worse.

Stay strong.

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