Personality change?



Has anyone felt like their whole personality has changed since they started experiencing MH issues?
I feel like I've become a different person and am lost and confused. Can I survive being like this? The most important thing for me is my identity and my sense of self and I've lost that and don't know who to turn to.
Family are mostly useless and best friend worries too much for me to open us properly.
Community don't understand MH and will shun me consciously / subconsciously which will break my heart.
I don't know what to do...
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Jun 20, 2015
I have had mental illness for 28 years.At one time back in my 20's I did feel like I'd lost my personality plus with my sister psychologically abusing me my identity was lost too,it is fragmentation and complete breakdown,I was lost and at times catatonic,when I was up and about I was walking around feeling like I had a hole in my middle that the wind just blew through.

Eventually through exploring interests and hobbies your identity and personality reform.You get to know yourself and who you are, what you like, what you will and won't put up with and you find your assertive voice which helps a lot.

You may find you make new friends that suit who you are better.Generally I's say the younger years during my illness were the worst and hardest and I felt the most blown apart.

Stick with it you will improve and your personality will resurface,you will have the old you back with improvements.Don't worry and don't give up!

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