Personal Account: Odd experiences with voices at night



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Feb 1, 2012
Nowhere, United States of AmeriKa
Hello askjesus

While I do not fully subscribe to your believe system, the hyperdimensional astral influences I described can be likened to demons as their main goal is to strike fear in human beings and absorb their energy source. Others who have been psychically attacked by these entities have invoked benevolent deities and figures such as Jesus, Buddha, higher self, spirit guides and angels to help them out of a jam with mixed results. Sometimes it works great other times it does not. I have asked for help myself lately, but the foreign thoughts I am experiencing are not going away. I'm going to have to cope with it on my own until I can find a trustworthy source (and $) to get spirit healing and a proper exorcism to remove the astral attachment.


Dear dontwakethedragon, I am glad you asked Jesus for help. That is the first step. I asked Him over 11 years ago for help, but I have continued to hear the voices. I would like to assure you that my asking Him to help me is what made all the difference. Please continue to ask Him for help and trust in Jesus. You do not need to cope with it on your own. You will find there are going to be many times when He can help you and it will make all the difference. Thank you, Karen