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perfection is it ocd?



New member
Feb 1, 2015
For about 3 years I've had this
disorder. I have this constant
urge to perform everything
'perfectly', and I quote that
because it's not truly perfect,
what I try to do. For example,
when I speak, I have to
carefully select every word, and
when I move around or use a
phone, my body has to move in
this continuous motion or else
it's not 'perfect'. My problem
is that when I try to be normal,
I lose all will to actually
succeed or develop or even
exercise self-control. It's as if
my mind is forcing me to be
perfect or else forget even
trying. My grades and
relationships are falling apart
and I've reached my limit for
trying to fight this - I would
truly appreciate any help on
conquering this.


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Hello and welcome to the forum. :hi:

Perfectionism and OCD are different obviously. Whilst i'm not up on what official definitions of each are, I think it's safe to say that things become an issue when they affect your life and your ability to function.
It seems to me as though you're at that point, where it's affecting you deeply.

Have you talked to a doctor about this?
It sounds like seeking support in the way of therapy may help. It might also be worth seeking out any self-help material, such as books or online CBT type courses.
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