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people who just dont get it re mental health



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Apr 9, 2010
Anyway for a bit of a laugh
As i often say we are better with a few or even one true friend as opposed to many superficial ones!!!!!!!!
Anyway its taken a lot of work re my meds to get me pretty well ok
This 'friend' of mine (now ex-friend) reckons that if I go to a private mental health hospital (costs roughly 4000 dollars a week) she thinks this isnt that much money??
And then I may get off my meds and would get me 'sorted' then I could have a baby to nurture and yippee that would ?maybe cure me lol
Well if i told my pdoc this she would probably think wtf
Why fix something thats not broken
And a baby? well no sleep as we know can make us crook, a baby who needs their mum 24/7 its constant its not like having a dog and putting them in the kennel for the day I would rather spend time with other peoples children easy.
Anyway she also told me that i am always having dramas and i blame everyone and my mental illness for everything when 'its all up too me'
I often cant cope with day to day stuff i often dont know how to deal with certain life stressors its the way it is
I explained to her one day that I often just need to be alone and she got so mad with me
Maybe i am being mean but i think its easier to just walk away
??and i guess she probably thinks this is all another one of my 'dramas'
And apparantly her brother has bipolar and doesnt have dramas like me
I also think (I dont tell people i have bpd) but some of this unable to cope or not being able to nurture my self is more the bpd stuff
So yes anyway thats life
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

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Oct 23, 2014
Sorry you had to deal with someone like that. She didn't really sound like much of a friend really! A lot was said by her that makes me think 'ex-friend' is probably for the best. Us MH sufferers can feel bad enough about ourselves at times without someone making us feel worse.

Take care.


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Apr 9, 2010
yeh thanks
Best of with less is often best
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