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People reading my mind | Thought broadcasting | Targeted individual | Inception | Truman Show



Dec 21, 2018
What has been going on with the clairaudience/telepathic/thought broadcasting life in general idk?


New member
Feb 5, 2019
People reading my mind | Thought broadcasting | Targeted individual | Inception | Truman Show

For the last few years it feels as though I've been in a "truman show" of sorts,

or in some kind of simulation where I'm {the focus/targeted} by the other {people/"users"} within a close vicinity of me- or by the "program" itself,

or in some kind of ocean of consciousness where everyones thoughts and actions bleed together in such a way that even our thoughts affect eachother more deeply than the overwhelming majority of people may realize.

It's like everyone around me can read my mind, no matter how logically I try to convince myself that it is all a delusion. The signs are far too telling.

I'm questioning reality constantly, constantly wondering if I can trust anyone, constantly wondering if anyone is real, I know these all have far reaching implications. I'm constantly stressed.
People always told me I was a "people person" and a "good man", though now I don't know what to do anymore, it's like I can't be around people very long or I just start to get so stressed.

It's like something is playing a game with me.

People respond to my thoughts instantly.
People around me visually react(it's not me making an assumption of whether they could "hear" me or not)- they physically contort themselves{their faces, their actions, what they say} in ways that would affirm that they are indeed aware that they can pick up on my thoughts as I think them.
I've tried various types of thoughts to get a reaction out of the people around me and the people react accordingly.

People around me are constantly doing this "cough" (anyone who has experienced this knows exactly what I'm referring to").

People around me are also constantly trying to play on any insecurities that I have. Sometimes they get very close to me and say these things under their breath as they walk by. It's clearly audible, I watch them say it- this is not some imagined telepathic attack or something.
They are constantly attacking my character/me.

The way they say things under their breath, it's so insidious.

Sometimes they say positive things- this usually happens when I'm trying really hard to stay positive and compassionate- though even then, they don't say it directly.

I notice that when I'm able to stay positive it makes them angry and they switch tactics(find another insecurity to talk about or take some other action to try to get a rise out of me).

They respond to my thoughts instantly.
Especially they "They can't read my thoughts" thought, like today I thought this at a person at work and they literally turned right around and looked me right in my eyes and started saying something in reference to something I've been thinking about often. It was like he was a robot.

The best way that I can put this is,

It's like that movie inception when they're in the main characters subconscious and all of the people are looking at them and stuff.
It feels like I'm in my subconscious or I'm in a simulation or idk.

It is as if everyone around me can read my thoughts, or that my thoughts are so "loud" that they force themselves into the {consciousness/mental space} of others- I think the "truth" of this particular matter would probably be a mixture of both of the aforementioned and several other factors unknown to me. I'm not sure though.

People around me mention things well within earshot or oftentimes directly to me, that pertain to things I've told noone and that are so incredibly specific to my life experience that it is difficult for me to be believe that "random" people around me are constantly speaking on things so {specific/niche} to my experience and that I just so happen to continuously be within earshot or in direct conversation with them talking about "random things".

People speak on things that are Incredibly specific to my life experiences of the past and even as they happen on a play-by-play kind of basis.

It is like a sort of double speech, that everyone around me is utilizing.

People around me are constantly speaking on different subjects/things, though all of these {subjects/things} are like a thin veil over what they're actually speaking about which is their {immediate surroundings/me}.
When I'm talking about "people", I'm speaking on literally everyone around me in my day to day life, from family to past friends to past relations to "random" people on the street etcetera.

It's as though some kind of portal or gateway or some thing opened up within me a few years ago and this "phenomena" is gaining more "depth" with each passing day, month, year.
It's like I somehow ended up in a different reality or something heavily altered my orginal one.

I know this may be hard for many people to grasp, or to even entertain as a hypothetical notion, so I do not bother trying to discuss this with anyone outside of the internet. Though I think that there may be more people who have noticed this "phenomena" at times or who experience to constantly themselves and don't know what to make of it and just stay completely silent about it.

I've read briefly about what some spiritual seekers/guru types of people call "the illusion of separation", which basically describes how everyone and everything is connected at a "primal" level and all of the {division/separation} between {forms/individual consciousness-minds} are the result of the "individualistic" posturing of the human ego

maybe this experience pertains to that somehow?

I've also read about other theories like one that says what we perceive as reality is a computer simulation of sorts, this also makes sense to me- though I'm undecided as to what this is that I'm experiencing.

Given how constant this "phenomena" is, 24/7, I think I'm coping with it rather well, though I'm not sure how anyone could live with this sort of perception for a long period of time without commiting suicide or forming a substance abuse problem or withdrawing from "society" almost completely.

I don't know if this is some kind of test, I can't really trust anything anyone says anymore. This makes just living difficult. Just waking up knowing that I'm going to have to deal with this 24/7, 365, is a bit much sometimes yknow.

They'll probably harass me even more in public and at work now that I've made this post about it.

I'm trying to stay positive. This has been going on for so long and it just keeps getting worse.

What am I supposed to do.
I have experienced this before especially the cough. People seem to get so angry as well as though I'm activating a bad force. I've had people tell me it will cause me to get taken away or my brother says he reckons I'm closer to death. I've had people answer put loud to things I'm thinking or pity me and say oh she hasn't figured it out yet.. or like tell me off that I'm bringing things closer like I'm about to reveal something that shouldn't be . I swear once I heard someone say in my head before I went to sleep I had to be reprogrammed. This lead to a drug induced pyschosis that lead to be being kept for 8 days in a pysch ward it was the worst since getting off drugs it has calmed down but I want to understand it I want to know what is going on I have always thought that there is a connection with dogs and they can tune in coz they have gone crazy barking whenever I find I get close into the frequency and it's like they are trying to get attention or that they want to be spoken to.... That being said I know how crazy that last part sounds but I had my brother's dog basically sending me crazy one night as I'm writing this the internet is lagging like I'm being followed with what I'm writing and it's creeping me out. The cough part really really made sense to me and I don't know why they do it. My phone keeps vibrating as I'm typing too.ill add more to this post later but I want you to know your not alone something else is out there I dunno of its like a good vs bad but something is happening to me or has happened to me and I think one day it nearly got me killed and that's why I ended up in hospital coz I was so scared the government was gonna cover up my killing and make it look like something else I called the police to they couldn't go we it up. I just rote so much more but the internet keeps lagging something is going on. I'd like to hear from you I wanna know what's going on I feel like the law of attraction is involved... This is the third time my writing has been deleted so I'm gonna stop now but I believe we can harness power and manipulate stuff but I just don't know how to but I'm gonna stop typing it keeps getting deleted and I'm getting angry so yeah thanks for Reading please reply
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