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People?!!?! :| panickkkk!!!!!!



Apr 13, 2010
Withington. manchester,
I'm scared to be around anybody other than my immediate family and boyfriend.
I'm worried about confrontation, although i can handle myself. I worry about wat people think of me, how they look at me, how i look towards them, i feel fat, ugly and sick. my chest tightens and i cant breath, tears drop from my eyes and i have serious pannik attaks i just wana lok myself in a room and never come out.
I pannick so much about bein around other people and i seem to have one of those faces, which people jus want to talk to.
I pannick on the bus, in the shop and at my doorstep.
The only contact i feel 'ok' with is phonecalls.


Active member
Apr 15, 2010
lala land
Big hugs

I really sympathise with you babe, i would be so much happier if the world didnt have people around all the time, i tend to relax more at nights when I cant hear the sound of people outside and around me. I panick all the time, I did learn to manage it for a long time and have had some mad bursts of mood where i can do anything and turn into super woman for a few days then back to the darkness of the curtains shut and doing the shopping on the web, what great technology internet shopping is!!

I want you to know you are not the only one feeling like this and ive found even though people dont go away, i can manage to ignore them and do what i need to do if i concentrate on relaxing and breathing slow. That is when i can get out the house when i am not on a low with my mood disorder. There must be a solution for us all somewhere, till then we have got each other to relate to.