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People need to allow it



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Jun 8, 2021
Hi I’m experiencing some thing right now and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t know if it’s telepathic or not but I need it to stop. I hear people and it sounds like there watching me? I have no cctv in my house but that’s what it feels like. It’s like they watch me all day long and all night long. It’s messing up my life as a whole, love life and personal life. The people I can hear are old friends who I used to hang around with and celebrities and strangers. I need this to stop. How can I stop this?


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May 6, 2017
The voice that I hear used to do the same to me, it had me believing in telepathy and that friends, family, strangers and celebrities were speaking to me.

I believe I figured out what this voice really is.

As it's been with me day and night for over five years now and knows what I'm doing at all times I've come to a very specific theory on what it might be.

My belief is that all humans come in pairs, we have our mind that is like the driver of the body and we have a second mind within us that is like a passenger along for the ride.

I found a book where the author believes the same and has done a great amount of research into this, he claims a small group of neurologists back in the 60's discovered that our mind occupies the left hemisphere of the brain and our passenger mind which he calls our Daemon occupies the right hemisphere of the brain.

I think they can see, hear, smell, taste and feel what we do through our shared senses. They even know what we dream at night.

Sadly it only stops when they wish to stop but there are things that can encourage them to stop.

The first is medication, anti-psychotics have a really detrimental effect on our passengers and in around 10% of cases they are clever enough to stop in the hope that we don't remain on these medications for very long.

The second is through negotiation, my passenger wants to come off medication and wants me to talk to him again because I haven't said a word to him for just over four and a half years due to his bad behaviour (talking non-stop and not giving me any peace). I've made it clear to my passenger that once he gains control of himself I will resume talking to him and will consider coming off the medication. But sadly for me this hasn't worked yet, he claims he's got ADHD and is unable to stop speaking for any meaningful amount of time.

Thankfully the medication reduces the volume of my passenger and allows me to cope much easier with it's constant talking so I guess I will continue to take it for as long as necessary.

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