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Patients being less likely to be admitted to Acute Mental Health Wards


mal blue moon

Well-known member
Oct 21, 2014
Schizophrenic Patients being less likely to be admitted to Acute Mental Health Wards

During a recent admission to a acute mental ward ,I have had no recent admissions for many years ,but have had many admissions in the past ,Having worked in the care field mainly in the Private sector ,(its worth noting even the private sector has many poor care scandals),I have seen many management styles for these facilities,Some managers teams are genuine people doing there best ,many health managers are bought in from other industries ,(even head hunted) ,some of these can have brutal methods ,(the management psychopath is common) ,but back to the topic ,the where no Schizophrenic patients on the ward I was on ,and being a smoker, non from other wards in the smoking area ,true I don't know everyone diagnosis ,but I have Manic depression ,and most of the other patients did to (it takes one to no one) ,
It appears to me that under times of financial hardship Hatchet managers flourish ,you see they have to make the Acute wards look full (usually three quarters full so it does not look in crisis) ,but i believe acute wards are not helping those most at need , This in management communities is known as "Traffic Shaping" (similar to the computer meaning as it reduces workloads) ,Years ago when i was on acute wards there was a balance of patient diagnosis ,This all appears political yes, but the Human cost is large ,People with Schizophrenia being discriminated against ,maybe becoming seriously unwell ,and ending up in police custody (prison system worse for mental health than community), So it ends up with a high cost (human societal as well as financial) as prison is not the right place for severely mental ill people ,but may end up being the end stage ,
I believe this is outrageous in a civilized society , and hope it not a scene being repeated country wide ,.
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Mastiff mom

Well-known member
Jun 22, 2014
Dear Mal Blue Moon, I think people with mental health problems get the shaft in general, but what you are describing is abhorrent. And I agree many end up in prison if there is no good intervention. Makes me sad and angry.