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passing along a anxiety back to ghosts using your tailbone



Well-known member
Sep 12, 2016
To pass along anxiety in public, a tailbone headache, a vestibular headache or stress, is the same as passing off a tail wag. Using squinting or gestures one causes a single motion that doesn't sway back and forth like normal nervous gestures. Locking into that moment briefly will pass along whatever pain you feel like anxiety or doom to another person if they are paying attention to you. Doing this with ghosts is easy because they are suckers who only pay attention to you. One can use thoughts or words of speach between long pauses to manipulate anxiety. What words you use are dependent on the situation. Ghosts are great at doing this. You can use your own tail to pass off the anxiety to a ghost by wagging it in one direction and holding it there something I like to call a 'one wag'. You can do this with people but only if they are watching you in thee peripherals cause if they focus on you you will stop wagging and say 'what?'.