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partnership - mental harm service <- not my belief its my experience



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Sep 16, 2020
East Sussex
The partnership, Is an organisation providing mental hell service - support people's mentally being lead to hell, studio run by senior staff is done a significant process, really successful indeed, some of the patients detained into studio wards inside, they already have either trauma or PTSD, CONGRATULATIONS!

Even people not that serious mental sickness, the partnership with studio will turn them into one, once push them into whatever status by appearance which meet their criteria, never mentioned how staff or social workers humiliating before only just the one being detained as mental disorder.

Someone piss you off then you're frustrated= mental disorder <---- thats partnership logic.

Yes that's how patient being sectioned by social workers.

Some of those being sectioned - might experienced being arranged to a group of three people who made decision to detain or section you, some detained victims might probably saw exact that group of people - one social "worker" along with others might interview you at middle of the night, despite you slightly recovered by sleeping then they force you to wake up facing their humiliations, you won't be treated like a patient but a suspect or criminal, as if you have sickness is a crime, they never respect your feelings, ask a lot of question but never be patience to let you finish, even not patient everyone will be frustrated, who will feel happy with being required to accept such rudeness? Once you're feeling unpleasant, you can't tolerate then want to walk away rather than further conflicts, later the blonde nurse see you again with announcement of you sent to a hospital only mention about - appearance of you're frustrated with their rudeness - "mental disorder" as reason to detain you into a hospital, you're under eg. section two - but they NEVER explain to you what section two is, you might find out nearly a year later actually section two means your rights are taken away, you never know that when you're in hospital(studio).

Those group of three people, - really counts a lot to bring you LIFETIME damage, they made a fucking great start of your engagement with the partnership STUDIO - where your trauma and ptsd being created there.

If you thought you're gonna sent and staying in hospital - you're wrong, actually it's a studio. You don't want to believe it is but just you experienced one with everyone there mentioning both staff and patients and "patients" played by some "students" including most ones in one particular studio ward making midnight "secret British talk" - Those girls can be "patients" just differently treated compared to standard detained patients, "secret British talk" girls are allowed to talk loud, making nuisances in (studio) ward at middle of the night, staff won't stop them. Some of those "patients" indeed enjoy more rights.

This situation also happened in another (studio) ward!
One day a tall blonde young female "patient"(wearing pink jacket) physically attacking another patient in ward, when the victim patient heard another girl victim detained inside complaining to the (studio) ward manager about how ridiculous they run experiments on patient pushing her to stress..manager was there when seeing that tall blonde patient attacking behaviour, SHE JUST STAND THERE AND WATCHING, never stop that blonde patients aggressive behaviour.

Besides taking photographs or videos is ACTUALLY ALLOWED in hospital(studio) ward - if by some "patients", staff will ignore that. "patients" can also post video clips taking inside eg. The mental ward, share on Facebook.

"Staff" can appear to be more aggressive, unstable or mental health problems ones rather than patients - in one ward a crazy man(people said he's staff there) shouting to everyone then enter a staff room immediately which is ACCEPTABLE - it's allowed by other staff or doctors - The Dr was inside the staff room with that crazy man she's looking out of window. Some other "Staff" who appear like metal health issues can also have more than one positions - one member of staff he sometimes wearing a patch which shows his occupation, written as "SCRIPTER" but sometimes people said he's just a nurse inside. Anyway he's supposed to be regarded as staff not patient, he can stay or work in staff room, but if seeing likes of him somewhere else outside hospital, how he appears can be regarded as a mental health problem person.

Hiring "staff" or "consultant" with mental health problems is very common in the partnership. Another good example is in another area being regarded as "consultant" - Yes everyone in the partnership claimed he is "consultant" - but when you see him outside, no one will even believe he is doctor besides might concern he's a mental health patient.

A (studio) ward is no exception, a staff nurse - patients might never shouted but she shouts and scolding others more than anyone else, she often shouting to patients very frequent, every day when she's in ward certainly can hear her scolding to every patient never a respect.

She might also scold or shout at those from outside with position of eg. Health watch or kind of usage, visiting the studio ward when seeing patient inside in a lounge, she rudely interupt then shout to the health watch lady as well not letting her finish conversation with the patient.

There is a "consultant" responsible to the patient, but the "consultant" is dishonest, before that she never show the patient but lie to patient she's not she's just another doctor. She only reveal at the day you discharge - discharge not disengage - you just leave the studio ward in hospital but nightmare not yet over, you still continue to be screwed by "health team" outside afterwards unless you disengage.

Usually consent is required if patients information being shared to others it needs especially patient self to give permission - but not this partnership!

One of the the partnership(/studio) a "nurse" who is arranged to continuing to monitor and screw you after you discharge. He never pay attention on your real exact improvement - you're improved or not doesn't matter, just make sure you keep taking their own medication, no use to tell him your improved or what's your improvement about, he ignored he will only focus on you keeping their medication monthly injection. Andy might also provoke you by all sorts of his own ridiculous ignorance, for example ignore or make you keep clarify but no use until your patience is run out, he insulted you or piss you off or he might appear more "unstable"/aggressive than you with make you feel awful, then next second he can suddenly act as if nothing wrong with himself but ridiculous bullshit like, "we concern your mental health", he pissed you off then pretend "concern" next second as if forgotten he's the one start a fire.

After months of being screwed by his ridiculous behaviour, you no longer can tolerate you show him your anger one day - what come next led and he can be more fucking ridiculous-

He will arrange some "social workers" to visit you without announced, you never know unless others eg. Your family or NR tell you earlier, they will only contact others not the patient. When those social fuckers come to your home you're not answering immediately, they will shout out your confidentials - your name and diagnosis, every neighbours around might heard it, they will also mention your case and issue with laughters just outside your door.

No consent is needed - it might acceptable just because THEY ARE THE PARTNERSHIP!

Everyone living around will know you with your "diagnosis" by the partnership.

There's a strong evidence to proof - when you first move your home to a new area, earliest days the partnership and their health team not yet followed here or arrange the team replaced by those in your area, everything is perfectly fine, everyone living here treat you equal to everyone else, no one will with attitudes to you like you're one with mental health issues, since youself never behave or appear like one, no one find you have those "diagnosis" from partnership - until The partnership follow here to continue their fucking "care and concern".

After that, you will find strange of many strangers, they are strangers to you but you're not one to them - can be happened in pub or whatever near you live and you used to visit quite often, they really "know" you, they discuss you with your "diagnosis" - "diagnosis" you heard before only from the partnership, you never mentioned to anyone outside especially strangers.

You might concern how come strangers know your diagnosis which is your confidential, who is telling them?.. but you might not surprise if recall before how those "social workers" arranged by staff shouted out your information outside your door that day.

You can't consider whoever else to start leaking your information except the partnership.

You might want to declare how you concern or how you find suspicious of the partnership is since they are supposed to be only ones knowing your confidentials and diagnosis.

But it can be particularly difficult if you used to have a "diagnosis" from the partnership called PARANOID.

In this case you have to be really careful, otherwise your concern will only end up being regarded as another "evidence of you having Paranoid".

As a patient, you're always honest to the partnership, but the partnership never honest to you, can misguide you or whatever unfaithful, for example in the (studio) ward, staff/nurses/doctors inside can use a fake name in front of you, eg. a "nurse assistant" told you his name is "Jack", but later you find out he lies, But then you find out. What his real name is He might probably not even a "nurse student" just another one joined to run activities inside that studio ward.

Most "staff" in the studio ward, they might actually fraudulent, like many others inside studio ward. And detained patients, they aren't patients in the ward but just detained one being used for other usage for the studio, including run mental/psychological experiments on you, you are also can be for some "students" case study.

You might also used as sacrifice - to educate some other mental health patients, such as use you as an "example" to correct other patients wrong beliefs they used to insist.

You're just a "material" rather than human being to them.

Patients have no dignity, just because in a mental (studio) ward. Staff might also misguide you at every opportunity, for EXAMPLE in one ward a "consultant" told you before you don't need to take medication when outside overnight stay, but the day you before left hospital for overnight stay, a fat ass bitch staff you never seen before, suddenly happened in front of you, gave you tablets with requiring you to take them when overnight staying outside - which is different from your consultant told you before, you have a doubt then that unknown fat ass bitch suddenly scold at you or with attitude try to start a fight, you suffered enough then give in to accept her requirement, no matter how ridiculous and reasonable it is.

The partnership conquer every final opportunity to screw you up.

No one will choose to work in the partnership IMO As a patient victim there, your experience will tell you no one outside in England ever apparently rude to you except the partnership.

The partnership might not rude to everyone just particularly rude to whoever they regard as mental health patients.

You can report a crime to police at anytime - but not possible if it's happened in the partnership (studio) ward, with you are position of detained mental health patient those making crimes to harm you are hospital staff.

It's a crime - but in the partnership, you can't go for police, you can only go to PALS, even its not a hospital complaint YOU'RE REPORTING A CRIME!

Running experiments on patients without patients permission, is illegal.

If it's for studio, JUST STUDIO NOT HOSPITAL, should it be regarded as a CRIME since its illegal?

Could you still see it equal as just another hospital complaints like patients smoke to drop ashes in ward?

Can you still even see it as complain about "hospital" - IT'S NOT HOSPITAL JUST A STUDIO!

Criminals aren't equal. The partnership can be privileged. What appeared to be can be like the partnership can legally make crimes.

Is here still England?


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Nov 10, 2019
The way you have been treated is disgusting :grouphug:
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