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Partner depressed.I'm heavily pregnant



New member
Jan 19, 2020
Hello everyone.
First post.
Not sure where to turn, i have suffered depression in the past but I have learnt to manage/cope with it.
My partner however gets severe depression January every year. When we first got together 3 years ago. I wanted to split up with him, he was so cold and defensive. Last January he then decided to sabotage our relationship by going on a dating app and talking to another woman. I was going to leave him but he then said he couldn't imagine life without me etc and he needed help. I stayed and supported him and we have had an amazing 12 months..... until a week or so ago.
Its started again. He wants to sleep all the time, he feels empty. This time though I am 34 weeks pregnant and he doesn't feel anything towards our unborn child, he does or did but currently feels numb to everything.
He went to the Drs yesterday who have increased his medication. I want to help and support him but I am really struggling this time around...
I feel guilty for being selfish.
I grew up in a depressed/alcoholic household so I know what depression is and how it feels. I start getting angry that he could do this to our future family. He admitted he was so excited when his ex was pregnant with their daughter.
How do I support but also stop myself from getting hurt?


Well-known member
Jan 15, 2020
Hovering in the Atlantic
Maybe suggest to him to see someone over this so he can talk. It might be that there is something triggering that comes up this time of the year whether he knows it or not.

Don’t feel like you are being selfish because you are not, you are taking care of yourself and the baby and there is nothing selfish about that.
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