parents hating me



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Mar 7, 2019
hi there, i need to talk to somone and i think that here would be the best place for it. I'm normally a happy person as it is. however, arguements happen on a 2 or 3 day basis. some are small, others are a bit bigger. recently its about money and my brother, which is younger then me. it seems that whatever my brother does, they dont care/ give him small punishments. if i come up to them and ask about what hes done, e.g swearing, being rude, not doing his hw and instead playing games, they either tell or shout at me to mind my buisness.
i bought a switch yesterday and it only arrived today. my brother lent me 100 quid so that i could buy it and the switch is technically mine. i wouldnt let him go on today as i said that he can go later. my dad just constantly shouts at me and so does my mum. it just seems that my brother is the favourite and im the hated, older brother. i try to be the best, i have a part time job, save money for the future, get a good education, and my family just shouts at me. i could talk to them before about relationships etc, but i cant talk about this, because we will talk for a couple of minutes, hug it out and thats that. 3 days later, same thing.
i remeber once, that my dad told me that if my brother called me autistic i could hit him. he called me autistic so i smacked him. he ran home and cried, and i got shouted at my dad and to stop lying. my dad also told me that they are a lot stricter on me then my brother, but gave no excuse. after the arguement of today my mum came in, apologised, i could see that she was crying, we hugged it out and thats that. its going to be another cycle of this bullshit and i have had enough. i cant stand this and when i get a full time job, im moving out. thanks for reading, any commnet/ help is appreciated. just for context, im 15 and male.


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Feb 8, 2019
California, USA
I’m sorry. It sounds like there is a lot of turmoil going on for you with your family right now.
You sound like you have your eye on the future with education, job, etc. so just keep living your life, try to keep your head down around your family, when times are good enjoy that, when times are bad, lie low.
p.s. Your brother shouldn’t be calling you names, but it was bad advice your father gave you to smack him! Don’t hit people, it’s a bad road to go down. Just keep your cool.
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