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paranoid skizophrenic and suffering generalised anxiety disorder


Colin tremors

Apr 18, 2020
Leeds, West Yorkshire
Hello there I've hpad skizophrenia from around 2007but i suspect a lot longer plus generalised anxiety disorder and PTSD which i got in 1987 from being kidnapped.i also suffer agitation.im on 6mg risperidone antipsychotic tablets but they make me so tired.I can't watch TV or see any friends as i think there out to get me.also i cant talk on the phone because i think they can see me down the phone.id like to know how people cope on their antipsychotics.ive got terrible weight gain.makes me feel useless and moving is hard i feel like a robot.

Mister_Fabulous formerly BetaMale

Well-known member
Aug 17, 2018
Being kidnapped must have been terrifying, I'm so sorry! I wonder if you've tried loving-kindness meditation, which has been proven to reduce PTSD: 18 Science-Backed Reasons to Try Loving-Kindness Meditation Antipsychotics are terrible drugs; I used to be on a relatively high dose but now take only the minimum dose due to potential side-effects. The Waking Up app, which has mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation, serves as therapy for me.

Colin tremors

Apr 18, 2020
Leeds, West Yorkshire
Hi beta male yes it was a terrifying ordeal yes I've tried loving kindness meditation mindfulness meditation at Clarence house I've not been too bad lately regarding kidnapp and my voices are in the distance but if i don't have my risperidone i shake and feel weird and heavy.and it's like thoughts are being put in my head.i feel things prodding me and poking me in my arms and legs and become extremely anxious.i just hate been skizophrenic.am feeling tired but slept earlier but feel a bit down at the moment a bit dreamy and lost in my own front room.maybe a 1mg or 2mg risperidone antipsychotic will take the edge off and get me to sleep.hope everyone's ok.colin
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