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Paranoid personality disorder?



New member
Mar 18, 2021
I'm a 38 year old female
I suffer from extreme paranoia i dont drink or use drugs but my paranoia and mistrust makes life impossible.

I dont trust anyone and I will think people are trying to deceive me when I speak to my partner I belive he is using hidden messages and meaning in what hes saying.

constantly think hes being unfaithful or trying to deceive me I suffer bad anxiety just from my thoughts .

I dont have any close friends as I find it so hard to trust and let people in without thinking theres some motive behind it.

I cant stop I end up thinking the worst checking Facebook's being paranoid when the phone rings I dont know how to deal with feeling like this.


Well-known member
Mar 20, 2021
Poor you. I’ve been through the same in the past while in a so called relationship. Constant doubt and worry, is he cheating? Or worse is he gay? I don’t have any friends at all because I’ve been tricked by twins in the past pretending to be one person. It took me until this year to find out the truth I’m 35 now and met them/her when I was about 7 at primary school. They broke my heart. I lost all my confidence. I ended up with paranoia at first and then it lead to psychosis and eventually schizophrenia. I still don’t understand how their parents could have supported them doing this because they used to switch at school, I first realised something was wrong when I saw their feet shape were different other than that I couldn’t tell them apart. They never said a word to this and I only found out because I found a photo of them on the Instagram together and even that one photo wasn’t of both their faces but one of them looking down but because we spent so much time together at school I still recognised them without seeing both their faces. So there is no evidence and even so is this breaking the law? I contacted the Samaritans about it because I didn’t know who to talk to and they quite common for twins to play tricks on people, but as kids, I just wonder how their parents approved because they seem like well to do people. They must be sick in the head. Unless they used to fool their parents as well I just don’t know.
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