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Paranoid Personality Disorder


Sad Cypress

New member
May 15, 2019
A sixty year old woman lives in a downstairs apartment and has installed a security camera outside of her door. Recently, her vehicle had a flat tire when she was about to leave for work. She pumped air into her tire with a portable air pumper and left. The following day she installed an outdoor light sensor with camera across from our front door. The light comes on the minute we drive into our driveway and blinds us. We contacted the apartment management because it is against the building rules to hang any type of lighting. She enjoys irritating people and getting her own way that resembles bullying. We don't associate with her because of her personality: incredibly pushy and suspicious of her neighbors. We are growing tired of her and have begun to laugh at everything she does because these neighbors basically are quiet and introverted and associate with family members. Also, she enjoys smoking weed and cigarettes every night and consumes copious amounts of wine everyday. When her friend visits they drink, smoke, and stay up all night; then her friend leaves in the morning and my neighbor sleeps all day. Her body is blotted and her face is beet red.