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May 1, 2015
I think it's becoming ever more clear to me that I do have a severe paranoia problem. Me realizing this is kind of like a drug addict realizing that they have a drug addiction. I've been suffering a long time with it, to the point where it's my new normal. The problem is, as I guess it always is for paranoia sufferers , to know if the stuff I am paranoid about is real or just irrational fears.

But if we can just put that aside for a minute, I do have a question to all parents.

I am in constant fear and worry about my daughter being out in the world. I am constantly chocked with fear worrying about if my daughter is going to be raped, kidnapped and/or murdered. The fear basically paralyzes me and is one of the parts that keeps me from living my life.

I know this is every parents fear but I imagine I am at the extreme end of the spectrum. My daughter is 18, works day and night and is out a lot, so I am in constant wary. How do you other parents handle this? Do you all worry about this every single day? How do you enjoy anything in life with this constant worry hanging over your head? I can't handle it.


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Oct 21, 2013
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Hello Villy. I'm sorry to hear about the Paranoia effecting your life. I'm not a parent and can only imagine the worrying/paranoia your going through. I really hope your able to overcome all this. It's totally understandable that your worried about your daughter's wellbeing, plus we all know that there are real dangers out the world. I guess your looking for some sort of balance?

Anyways take care :hug1: hope your able to find the answers your looking for.