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Panic Disorder



New member
Jul 11, 2020
Castle Douglas, Scotland
I have suffered with a anxiety and panic disorder for nearly 12 yrs now which I was told I had by my GP's, but I'm not so sure.
After 12 yrs of chronic physical symptoms my Dr has nor decided after all this time to refer me to a Psychiatrist, so what gets me why he waited all this time and I've lost so my much in life with this illness.
I have seen a Psychologist but it never done anything for me, medication has not worked either.
Is psychiatrist any better that dealing with this, and why wasn't I refered sooner, not been given any info back on this from my GP's,, I've got a point in life I'm so down with having to suffer with these physical symptoms that came with anxiety and panic disorder...


May 25, 2020
Hello Andrew. Welcome to the forum. I am so sorry your GP did not refer you sooner. It seems to be many GPs have a poor understanding of mental health. With a psychiatrist they are able to offer a diagnosis and different types of medication then a GP can. I really am sorry you have had this experience.
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