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Panic attacks



Well-known member
Jul 17, 2019
I was wondering how other people get through panic attacks. Thanks


Active member
Feb 4, 2012
When you feel a panic attack coming on you are meant to slow your breathing down...easier said than done. So what I do is concentrate more on my exhale breaths. I make sure I expel all the air from my lungs and hold it for a couple of seconds before I take another breath. That way it will stop you taking quick short breaths, which makes you feel dizzy.


Well-known member
Aug 20, 2019
hi amber

i have had gad for over ten years but it has gotten so much better so please know there is hope and you dont have to live with this forever.

firstly remember that a panic attack cannot kill you. all it is is a series of bodily sensations and racing thoughts - it cant actually hurt you and it cant really sustain itself for too long either.

when you are in the heat of a panic attack or feel one coming on, i would recommend going somewhere as peaceful as you can. a bathroom, a bench, a quiet part of a shop or of the street depending on where you are. just let the panic attack happen. you can even say 'panic attack, i invite you to happen'. it will burn itself out.

i find accepting the panic attack really helps me. i spent so long dreading them and trying to fight them. if i let the attack happen, its done.

i also like noting my triggers.

it might be that you have panic attacks in certain situations like the dentist or going to school or it might be that you just get them completely randomly and unprovoked. its good to know how it is for you. you can get a little self help kit, some rescue remedy, something to chew if that helps you, some water, a notepad to write in, a stress ball to squeeze and let the panic attack be.

dont fight, accept.