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Panic attack symptoms



Jul 4, 2020
I'm only 3 weeks free of panic attacks! But I get extremely hyper-focused and full of intensity, unable to calm my heightened heart rate and shallow breathing, worrying about every which mistake I've made and what is impossible for me that I want dearly. I lose touch with reality so in order for them to go away, I need to sleep with the lights on.
Congrats on the three weeks! That's no small achievement, dude. You should be proud of yourself.


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May 16, 2020
I get two types. One of them has mostly physical symptoms. I feel my heart beating faster, I get a sensation of sudden coldness in my chest and I breath very fast and very loudly. I don't really feel bad in those panic attacks though. The other type has mostly emotional symptoms, I have a weird sensation on my brain that prepares me for the panic attack and then I get a feeling that I can't explain, it feels like I'm losing my sanity, and it's so bad that I think it will never end. I also feel the urge to do something seriously harmful to myself
I don't even know if the second type counts as a panic attack though.


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Jul 24, 2020
North Carolina
So last night i had my worst panic episode in about 4 months, and i was wondering what everyones symptoms are like. I get the standard symptoms like excellerated heart rate and difficulty breathing and my throat feels like its closing as well as getting really weak and dizzy and i almost lose control of myself physically. But more recently if my panic attacks get really bad my body temperature gets really cold and my limbs start to convulse, i read somewhere that some people get this and its quite normal to experience this with panic and agoraphobia, also after severe panic attacks i get very tired, depresses and like a feeling of being out of it for a few days, but i was just wondering how many of you go experience something similar to this
I have been suffering from the exact same thing for the past few months. I feel like I’m having a heart attack. I get sweaty or clammy feeling. I get major head fog and feel completely out of control. I feel this wave or rush of panic come over me and I become very overly aware of my heart rate and I even have started habitually checking my own pulse over and over. I went to the er thinking I was having a heart attack but everything was normal. It’s very very scary. I’m becoming so anxious and the fear of leaving my house and doing normal things like go to work or even treat myself like get a hair cut scares me. I’m afraid of having an attack in public. I’m at work right now and already have had an attack. Luckily I am seeing a psychiatrist soon. Hang in there, you’re not alone.