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Panic attack or anxiety attack



New member
Jan 14, 2019
Hi all
I am experiencing attacks frequently.i m 33 year old female.. staying at home mother. I had these symptoms during the attack

Shortness of breath
Chest tightness
Stomach upset
Fear of going crazy

And the attack last for 1 hour . It is really difficult to recover from the attack completely.. it takes one day for me to recover. Feeling weak and depressed .. not sleeping well , these are the symptoms post attack. I don’t have any serious health issues except PCOS and hypothyroidism and I m on pills for those. I never experienced these attacks before. My 1 st attack was on November 27 ... I thought it was heart attack and went to emergency.. all tests done .. reports normal. Second attack was on 15 th december... severe symptoms that time... again went to emergency .. same reply from doctors. I went to family doctor ... he said .. do meditation and exercise, control ur thoughts .. no stress. I don’t get severe attacks after that ... but experiencing mild symptoms every day like mild muscle tensions in the back and mild chest tightness and fear of getting another anxiety attack. I donot have any stress at present but my past is not very great. My past bad memories haunting me every day. Do I see a psychiatrist ... is it anxiety attack or panic attack. I m very sorry for the long post. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance.. regards


it could be either but from what you've described I would say you might have some sort of panic disorder so I'm leaning towards panic attacks, obviously I'm no professional though, but I do believe you should see a psychiatrist as it sounds serious


Well-known member
Jan 24, 2018
N.E. U. S.
I know what you are going through. I have experienced panic attacks in the past. Your dr. is correct in the things he recommended. Mine were the worst when I was going through pre menopause. I know you're too young for that but my twin sister and I both found that progesterone cream helped with the panic attacks. Most drs. don't or won't recognize the connection between fluctuating hormones and panic and anxiety.
The book Adrenaline and Stress by Dr. Archibald Hart was a big help to me. Also, I try to avoid caffeine, white bread and pasta, sugary drinks and foods. I eat small meals all day long: yogurt, eggs, lean meats, fruits, nuts, etc. I can notice a big difference in my anxiety when I go off my diet plan.