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Panic attack lasting three hours



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Jul 11, 2014
Last night at 3am I had a panic attack, I can't describe it any other way. I was hyperventilating and shaking uncontrollably and it lasted til 6am when I took a double dose of sleeping meds. It's the most horrific thing I have ever experienced and it just wouldn't stop. I tried sleeping but I couldn't lay still and if I layed still for more than a minute my body started shaking. I even ran a bath at 5am to try and end it but nothing worked. My mind was racing the whole time.

Has anyone had such an experience?
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

Well-known member
Oct 23, 2014
That sounds awful and must have been terrifying for you. Have you suffered with panic attacks before?


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Oct 12, 2013
Sounds awful Viktoria,
Do you have panic attacks? Sounds like something you need to discuss with your pdoc. You sound like you tried all the right things to get rid of it!
Hugs to you x


You poor thing. Panic is awful, and that sounds like one helluva panic attack.

This may be way off beam...but I'll mention it.

You talk about sleeping meds... how long have you been taking them for?
Severe anxiety and panic attacks are linked to sleeping tablets and "Z" meds.

Do a bit of research about them if you think it may be relevant and if you have been taking them for a while or regularly.

If not...you have my sincere sympathies. That panic attack sounds dreadful. Could you try to breathe through it and let it wash over you, whilst telling yourself that panic is in the mind (despite physical effects) and as a result it cannot hurt you or do you any harm.

That was how I sat it out when it affected me. I found the technique and positive thoughts about the attack not being able to harm me very effective...and my attacks subsided gradually as a result.

Please take care though....it's hard.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Oh Viktoria. :hug1:
I have had episodes of crying hysterically and screaming for hours on end - it wasn't nice.
But a panic attack has never lasted so long for me.

You must be absolutely exhausted. I really hope you can get some rest to make up for last night.
If you haven't had the opportunity to tell a professional about this, I think you should.

Whilst PRN medication (such as a benzodiazepine) can be addictive and are not a long-term solution, you should have something with you to take the edge off in case something like this happens again.


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Jul 11, 2014
Thanks for all the replies.

I have only experienced panic attacks before whilst on sertraline, which I quit. They were different though, and not as bad.

I took temazepam a double dose and then within half an hour I managed to fall asleep. I don't take them daily but I have done in the past. I also have oxazepam but I didn't take that.

My sister was downstairs and I was terrified of her coming up and seeing me in the state I was in. In heinzeit it's stupid but at the time I was going out of my mind.

I will discuss it with a doc when I see one, which may be a while because I'm switching.

I tried telling myself it would eventually stop and it was just an attack but I couldn't convince myself that it would stop. I tried breathing slowly too and feeling aware of all body parts but nothing worked.

Anyway it was horrible and I hope no one else has to go through that.


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Oct 22, 2014
cumbria, uk
You should look into your medication. I have panic but nothing lasting 3 hrs! Even over the counter sleeping pills eg - nytol give me horrendous panic attacks if I take longer than 3 days. You need find a medication that suits u. Some give u worse side effects than original problem. Sadly it's a fact!
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