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Pan is everywhere.



Well-known member
Mar 25, 2016
They call pan bread in some countries. Pan sustains life in that country, he's their bread.

In some places pan is everywhere, like a pandemic, pan-am. Pan is all over the place according to these folks, he is everywhere.

In other places he is a useful tool. I cook in a pan. Pan is a useful tool that makes my life easier.

Having seen pan i get a bit nervoso that people use his name for some things. Like he is making us use his name in our languages or something.

Like set, he is all over the place as well. Have to set the stage, a t.v. set, playing a set, set up the pins. Seems to be an awful lot of sets and setting. Set the table so we can eat our pan.

Sorry. It's just that spirits are teaching us words and putting them in our languages to use for various things that's all. It's a bit creepy though i'd say though wouldn't you say though?

I didn't even give a fuck about your secret language that doubles as the commoner's langauge. Why in the fuck are you telling me this shit, i really don't care.

Like with the alphabet. Means other shit to them. I didn't even care though to be honest. Why tell me anyway? Who gives a fuck honestly?

This shit is crazy weird, drastic amounts of weird going on here.


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
It is odd how much the god Pan has entered our language - it just means "all". How are you pansdisease, you sound stressed, or am I wrong? Anyway, just thought \i would say Hi