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Jan 16, 2019
Feel overwhelmed by stuff to the point where I am paralysed, have no motivation i.e. depression, and literally have no clue how I am going to a)organise my things. b)prepare myself and even shower c)get to work on time tomorrow d)make it through the day tomorrow.

The strong emotions are very intense at the moment. For some reason I just want to make it through to the end of the week, but I don't know how I will. Does anyone have any advice for me to calm myself? How can I get out of this negative mindset pulling me down?

I don't see my therapist until tomorrow evening. And even that could trigger me if we talk about difficult issues.

I am concerned that I am about to have a breakdown and will look unprofessional at work. I really am trying to hold it together, and for once in my life, not be that fragile person that people view as incapable due to being a wreck.

I have a long to do list to do but I literally cannot see the point in it. I'm in shutdown mode. This sucks.


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Jan 26, 2020
Hi, dewey.

I really want to help you. I am sorry you're suffering so.
Please hold on.
I think trying something new, something that makes you feel better, a new hobby, like art, to pour out your feelings; or just trying to hug someone, hugs help, human contact helps - we tend to isolate ourselves, I know, I do it too. Laughing on a comedian helps, or exercise is even better, however unbelievable, it might just release the right chemicals.
Hopeful thinking, finding meaning in what you're doing.
Also, helping others is another one, I feel better after helping someone, I feel more useful, like I can make something better.

These are just random thoughts, I know nothing, but I hope you'll get through this and you'll get better.
I wish for you to be happy.
I believe in you.
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