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Jun 20, 2018
I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed and stressed out. Just need someone to hear me, feeling really alone and woefully misunderstood. Fed up of people telling me to not get stressed... like its an option!

I struggled with anxiety and depression from childhood. I went through trauma therapy for sexual abuse for 5 years (6 years ago now) and should have been rebuilding my life but the universe decided I hadn't faced enough challenges yet.

Just as I neared the end of therapy my son was diagnosed with autism, so I've spent the last 6 years battling for my son through an inadequate mainstream education, supported him through the resulting severe anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and self harm issues. There is no local authority support available but 4 years ago I found some support through a small local charity, it really began to help! Then the trustee retired and, well, on top of my single parenting and full time job, and with no expereince, I took over fund raising, accounts and project managment of the charity so it would continue to be here. I couldn't watch my son spiral down into total isolation again, the feeling of helplessness is excruciating.

So yeah, high levels of stress for 3 years have entirely taken there toll and I'm really starting to struggle. Anxiety is getting bad again and depression becoming dark enough to be a real worry. I know self care is important and I'm trying (despite being sick fed up pf picking my self up off the floor!). It may seem like I am doing too much (I know it is too much) but without all this everything completely falls apart. I've tried to get support but volunteers so far have been more trouble than its worth!

So here I am, I seem to just get out of one wave of crap to grab a breath before the next wave is waiting to crash over me... 11 years of this!!! I'm exhausted :(

Hoping coming here for some support and to be heard helps. Indie x


Well-known member
Jun 19, 2018
Hey , I am so sorry your going through this, I am a single mum and also went through emdr for trauma therapy, you are going through alot and your not alone indie x