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New member
Jul 9, 2017
I have had problems lately with suppressed pain resurfacing all at the same time and it's extremely overwhelming. Everything from problems from childhood, to my grandfather passing, my miscarriage and previous issues with jealousy in my marriage. I don't know if it's depression, or if it's been triggered by some more recent problems in my marriage. I find it difficult to cope with as it's been about 2 weeks now. I wish that I could flick a switch and turn off my thoughts. Any advice on where to start or how to manage my coping would be extremely helpful.


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Hi and welcome to the forum. :hi:

I'm sorry you've not had any responses yet. It's a busy forum and I think unfortunately some threads get overlooked at times.

It sounds like you've been through a huge amount, not only recently, but throughout your life. :hug1:

I think whether you have depression or not, you could really benefit from some support at the moment.
If you haven't already, i'd recommend talking to your GP about what's going on. They may be able to point you in the direction of some talking therapies.
Or if you are financially able to pay for your own sessions, perhaps it would be a good idea to look to see what's on offer in your area.

From what you've said, it doesn't necessarily sound like you need to take anti-depressants. It's more that you need some help with releasing pain around some upsetting life events and talking therapies can really help facilitate that.

If you want any advice as to the difference between therapies and counselling, i'd be happy to help.
They all involve talking but some therapies are very goal-orientated, whilst others are more about exploring your thoughts/emotions.