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over obsessive guilt anxiety



New member
Mar 25, 2021
hello. i’ve had anxiety for about 4 years now, i seem to overanalyse everything and feel more guilt than i should. i’m just gonna explain what happened yesterday because it’s worrying me even though i feel like i’m being dramatic. i’ve had headaches for a few years so i got referred to a headache specialist. my headaches aren’t due to anxiety, it’s something to do with oversensitive nerves/allodynia. anyway so cos of covid i had to have a phone call appointment. the specialist phoned and described the symptoms i had told my gp but i had to answer some questions etc. i get brain zaps. i google a lot of my symptoms and whenever i’ve searched up brain zaps, it says they are an anxiety symptom or a side effect of antidepressants (i do not take these). every time i’ve told a doctor in the past few years about brain zaps, they don’t have a clue what i’m on about. i said to the specialist “i also get... umm.. do you know what brain zaps are?” and he replied something like this “that is actually very demeaning. i am a headache specialist so of course i know what a headache is. how about you just tell me your symptoms.” i now feel very guilty because i didn’t mean it in that way. i know he knows what headaches are but because other people always get confused i was worried that he wouldn’t know what they was. brain zaps on google can also be referred to as “brain tremers/shakes/jolts or electric shocks”. so when i was asking him, i was more wondering if brain zaps are a real thing and if i was saying the right term etc. i really didn’t mean it in a bad way and i have been obsessing over it for ages. i know that maybe it sounded bad asking a specialist if he knew what something was and now i’m worrying as always. it’s unlikely i’ll talk to him again unless the meds i take will have bad side effects or don’t work. does anyone else here feel extreme guilt and over worry? please let me know ways i can stop worrying about this because whenever something like this happens it consumes me :(


Mar 25, 2021
Take a deep breath and relax. If you didn't intend to hurt this persons feelings or offend them in any way, you should not dwell on this issue. We make mistakes all the time, especially when it comes to interacting with people. Some times we say things that might feel harmless, but register negatively in the minds of others and this is something we have to learn. The key to resolving your guilt is to recognize you had no ill will and to learn in the future that this person (and maybe specialists in general) might misconstrue your words.

If you can't let the issue go, and you really feel raw about it, you can always craft an email to the doctor explaining what you meant when you said "brain zaps" and that you never meant to call his expertise into question. If he does not accept your apology or re-assure you that he now understands where the comment was coming from and no harm was done, you should probably consult another doctor--There job is to heal not hurt.
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