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Over Eating & Binge Eating



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Aug 29, 2009
Has anyone managed to get a grip of their binge eating?

I cannot seem to stop eating. It is mainly in the evenings but I will often have dinner then continue to eat until bed time. It cannot possibly be hunger as I try to have a filling dinner. I just cant seem to get the idea of eating more out of my head. It is usually potatoes that I crave.

Obviously, as a result I am currently 7 stone over weight which is having a huge impact on my depression as well as my general health. I hate myself.

I recently spoke to my GP about the problem and her answer was to eat healthily and avoid snacking. Its not that easy. It is not a case of me not eating- Its a compulsion!!!! I cannot stop.

I need help but do not know how to get it.


Hi Lilyc25

There is an eating disorder called binge eating disorder, which is where people snack and binge eat to fulfill an emotional need rather than a nutritional one. I am not saying you have that, it is best to speak to your GP if you think you may have it. However there are many things you can do at home to help curb those cravings and prevent/lessen your binges.

First I would look at some form of counselling or psychotherapy if you are eating to fulfil an emotional need, ie for comfort, to alleviate depression, lonliness or boredom etc.

Secondly I would try and get some activities in the evening that you can do. There are many people who overeat out of boredom, it is a big problem. If that is the case, then I would try to get out of the environment where you normally binge to avoid temptation. You can either sit in a another room in the house and do some of your activities there, or get out of the house completely and join in some organised activities or visit friends etc.

Thirdly I would make sure that when you go out shopping you make a list of things to buy and rigidly stick to that. Do not buy any of the foods that you normally binge on. Or if you do need to buy them put a strict limit on the amount you buy. Also to help resist the temptation it is worth bringing a limited amount of money with you and no cards, so you couldn't buy more than what is on your list if you begin to get tempted.

Fourth I would make sure all meals you eat are at the dinner table, and do not eat else where in your house. This is so that you associate food with that place only, not at other places in your house. This also helps you mentally become aware of when you are eating, as some people eat subconsciously and are not aware of grazing. Sitting at the table every time you eat should arouse your consciousness to the fact that you are grazing or bingeing, and hopefully will give you space to challenge your craving to binge.

Fifth, I would drink lots of water. Very often people will eat because they mistake thirst for hunger. Also water helps fill you up so you don't have room for more food. You can also drink water before every meal, as it helps you feel more satisfied.

Sixth, I would eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack and stick to set times for these, again sticking to times will alert you when you are eating outside of these times, and helps you challenge what you are doing. Breakfast in the morning is the most important meal of the day and is integral to avoiding snacking in the evening. Having three main meals and three small snacks (like fruit) will keep your energy levels up and help prevent a craving for something sweet.

At the end every meal it is helpful to have a STOP signal, which signals to your brain and body that you have finished eating. This can be chewing a piece of chewing gum, having a cup of coffee/tea. For some it is a cigarette etc. Also try to leave the room you are eating in and the kitchen for half an hour to avoid temptation to eat more.

If you are bingeing but want to stop half way through, then you can get all the food you are about to binge on and either completey soak it in the shower, or pour bleach or something else on it, break it up and put it in the bottom of the bin, in fact anything that renders it inedible.

If have the urge to go shopping for a binge try to make it difficult for yourself to do this. By not having too much cash on you, giving your cards to someone, having a rule that you only walk to the shops for a binge etc. Because the more time it takes you to shop for the food the more time you will have to challenge yourself. And often the urge does pass by the time you get round to it.

I would also avoid alcohol especially in the evenings as this lowers your inhibitions and makes you prone to eat more.

There is also an organisation that may be of some help to you (although I have never used them myself). This is the link to it....


I had anorexia, which then turned into anorexia/bulimia. Sticking to the above rules really helped me overcome the urges to binge, and I haven't binged in a long time now and no longer have the urge. So I do know how difficult it can be, but it is possible.

I hope that helps :)
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Aug 29, 2009
thhank you. thats really helpful. i shall try


No problems.

Another tip is, when you are eating or bingeing, eat very slowly, chew each mouthful at least 20 times. This will slow down the binge, and you will appreciate the food you are eating more. It is also proven that people who chew more, eat less. This is because often people will eat so quickly they don't give their stomach time to register they are full. If you eat slowly the food has time to get to the stomach and hence inform you that you are full. Plus if you appreciate your food more by taking in the smells and tastes it helps ease the urge to eat more, your body feels more satisfied.

Oh and if carbohydrates are your weakness, don't avoid having them, just include them in your diet at a time of day you are unlikely to binge. That way you are getting them into your body without being tempted to go into a binge. :)
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