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Over-active brain?



Active member
Dec 16, 2017
I'm 33 and I've experienced this problem my whole life. Yet, it's right this minute that I've been able to make sense of it and put it into actual words... Kinda like a Eureka moment!

My brain is like a newspaper printing factory where the conveyor belt is running at 100% capacity 90% of the day, but the paper gets pushed through so fast, the ink never has the time to fully make it all into the paper, resulting in only 'bits' of stories.

Ie: no matter what I'm doing, my brain has already moved on to my next step and quite potentially preparing for the one after. This is how I have learnt to not stop, if an extra task is required before I move on, 9/10 times I will not complete that extra task because if I do, I'll forget what I was initially going to do, resulting in either standing around confused for a length of time trying to figure out what I was about to do, or already moving on to the step after, skipping a step and then not realising, which could be disastrous depending on what that skipped step was. My brain is unable to memorise each step before it happens, resulting in the forgetfulness I experience.

This is probably the reason why I make mistakes. This is stressful, hence my ongoing panic about getting things done within the short space of time my brain limits me to, causing me to feel rushed when I don't need to be, feeling always like I don't have enough time, constantly having to analyse every step for worry of missing something out... And so on.

Now that I've just realised this, I need to know how to either fix it, or manage/control it so that it isn't a problem. Writing things down like a task list never works, because of the above problem I'm only ever able to write half a list, as well as being incapable of fully remembering that I have a list to refer to. Even if I did, taking that extra time to check it results in my continuous flow being disturbed and broken. Or, it could be that I'm too worried about my continuous flow being broken to keep to it for long enough.

It helps for me to write things like this down, no doubt I'll forget in half an hour. If anyone experiences things like this and knows how i can begin to combat it, any words that might help me use to get the help I need with this, who to seek out, where to seek help from would be much appreciated. I'm not good at voicing things like this, better at writing them down.

In the past I've seemed ADD diagnosis, autism diagnosis, already been confirmed stress and anxiety as a diagnosis but I am forever convinced it's more than just stress/anxiety. What I've explained above is most definitely the main culprit. It interferes with concentration/attention, with communicating and socialising, it's causing daily exhaustion and stress and anxiety in busy and high demanding environments. But most of all, it's just cost me another job, making that 5 jobs I have lost because of this issue. Not to mention all other opportunities I've had ruined from it, but also all the things I want to do in life that I feel is pointless to try because of this.


Mar 21, 2018
You've done a good job of expressing what's going on. You have a lot on your plate everyday. I'm sorry you have to deal with this daily. Have you considered seeking out a professional counselor? I know that counselors can do assessments to help determine a diagnosis for what it going on. A counselor may be able to give you coping strategies to slow things down in your thinking. Sometimes people take mediation prescribed by a psychiatrist to help them focus better. Medication is not for everyone so you would need professional guidance on what's best for you. You are in my thoughts.