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Out Shopping to Different Area - Paranoia?? Took Med dose,25ml.



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Aug 1, 2014
Hi Folks/Hi All,

I have had some problems todayout shopping once I got to an area, and also, whilst waiting for 2nd bus.

I had some unknown intrusive thoughts, up, soI thoguht right I'll take my dose at 11.15am. With me so far. Now, on route, and in the shopping centre, every 5 mins, my paranoia levels were very acute very sky high. Anyway, eventually, after once makign way to Marks and Spencer, a very long way from the precient entrance, I had greatly improved.

I am fine now, back to home.

I will intend on resting, listening to music and knitting. I might have to do some more tidying up, of my room in due course, probelm being, today and tomorrow, is refuse preparing and collecting, soon the p repareing side, it's a bit awkward, to discard rubbish sacks, and recycling bags, of s tuff, into the tall refuse recyle and normal bins. I will get there, I will sort, from tomorrow onwards.

Have a good afternoon, all,

Best regards all,

Natalie. (and yes, i am a looking young, much much older this year lady!, I will be the big 5-0, and I look, 25 years old! due to my young looking face!!)

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