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out of hospital - PIP

Da Cuckoo

Da Cuckoo

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Apr 17, 2015
Spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital. Lost my job too.
I'm on;
300mg quietiapine
375mg preglabalan
150mg venlafaxine
7.5mg zopiclone

Pdoc was treating me for depression and paranoid delusions with auditory and visual hallucinations.

I asked for his diagnosis and he said it was 'open' for the time being. I've been referred to a psychologist. My Pdoc said I wasn't typical of voice hearing whereas I wasn't distracted stayed coherent and explained fluidly what was happening. He said this was due to me having them for so long without true psychosis {up until now} and adopting certain distraction techniques.

I'm considering applying for PIP because I also have osteoarthritis..

Do I need a diagnosis from my Pdoc to apply?

I also have GAD and social anxiety and don't leave the house alone.


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Jan 27, 2015
So sorry to hear you have been in hospital, and lost your job.

In respect of PIP , providing letters from the professionals as a back up definitly helps, the more they say about how your illness affects/restricts you in your every day life the better. I would also get any professional you can to help with the form (anyone who is still involved in your care) and have someone with you at any assessment.

I hope things improve for you and wish you well with your claim for PIP. Get all the support you can to assist you.


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May 15, 2015
Good to hear your out of Hospital, some Psychiatrists want to be sure before commit a diagnosis and it can take time.

Of course you could apply for PIP, it is suppose to be assessed on how you and your difficulties affect you day to day.

A Diagnosis does not describe everything, and often Diagnosis's are wrong.

Good Luck :hug:

hang in their x
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