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Other people's experiences of Psychotherapy



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Nov 10, 2009
Hello all...

I just wanted to get an opinion on my recent experience as I'm unsure as to how to interpret it.

I had been feeling down for a long time- I would feel fine as soon as I got home but on the commute to and from work (and at work) I had started to feel desperately sad and I was being very harsh on myself. I had some upsetting feedback at work and that, coupled with my poor self-esteem and the fact that I've been single for quite a long time, was making me feel pretty terrible and not a very easy person to live with. So the first thing I decided to do was go back on the pill to see if it helped and I feel a lot better- it's been miraculous really, such a small thing. I must be very hormonal!

So feeling so much better I decided to talk to someone; it was almost like the real, stronger me was within my grasp and I wanted to grab her! And feeling stronger, I knew I was ready to tackle some of the things I've carried with me for a while. So I booked an initial consultation with a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist thinking it was a really positive step.

Well, I went yesterday and I found the whole thing really bizarre. I didn't expect her to hug me hello or anything but she said 'hello, sit there', gestured to a chair, and then sat across the room from me, which felt very distant. I felt very ready to talk so I opened up to her questions but it was very cold and she frowned a lot- I felt alternately like I was a freak or like I had no right to be there. I was honest and said that I can be quite an angry person and also very impatient and she told me my impatience came across- ok, that's fine- but I felt no encouragement from her and she even said that I may want to 'run away' when I had come to her and was disappointed to hear I might be put on a waiting list.

I was honest and when she asked how I'd found the session I said that I didn't feel safe. I don't know whether she was reacting to my perceived confidence or whether it was a clinical detachment I just hadn't expected but if I had been less willing or able to talk I think the whole of thing would have been deeply upsetting. I feel a little bit like finally admitting I have a right to happiness met with quite a negative response and she even asked me whether I felt rejected by her, which I did.

I would just really appreciate other people's opinions as I'm not sure what to think and I don't know if I'm overreacting. I maybe made too many assumptions before going but surely people more brittle and vulnerable must go all the time?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



Hi - I think that the important thing in a client/psychologist relationship is in finding someone that you 'click' with, & that you can get along with, & work with. A lot of them are crap IMO.


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Dec 15, 2008
When I first started therapy in order for me to feel in a safe place and a secure environment my therapist told me she would not touch me and that would only happen if she needed to gain over a situation like me banging my head against the wall, then she may have to intervene. To this end I think they are distant, but I do click with my therapist and do not find her to be negative.

I did have a therapist that was constantly telling me to look up at her and I didn;t like that very much.